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मन मुक्ति  · Mental Liberation

MannMukti translates to “mental liberation” in Hindi. We operate as a university chapter of the national MannMukti organization. Our mission is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of South Asian mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care. Through grassroots advocacy, research, and outreach, we hope to normalize this topic of conversation within the South Asian diaspora and increase access to culturally specific care.

Our Team

ISHA SAI (she/her)

President, Neuroscience '23

Hi! My name is Isha and I’m a fourth year Neuroscience major pursuing a career in Research. I’m incredibly passionate about South Asian mental health and community advocacy. I hope to foster a space where individuals are able to find their voices, and work towards creating sustainable changes for the South Asian community.


JASMINE PANNU  (she/her)

Vice President, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ‘24

Hello! My name is Jasmine, and I am excited to continue sharing the safe space that is this amazing organization. To be able to engage in a conversation about mental health in the South Asian community is taboo for many people, and I am lucky to be part of a group that prioritizes it.



Communications Director,  Physiological Science ‘23

Hi! My name is Amanda and I’m a fourth-year student pursuing a career in medicine and public health. I am passionate about providing platforms for open conversations about why mental health matters and how South Asians can support each other as a community. 


ZENAZ SARKARI  (she/her)

Finance Director, Psychobiology '23

Hello! My name is Zenaz, and I am a fourth-year student interested in the intersection of medicine and healthcare management. By engaging with South Asian students with the same passion for mental health and healthcare advocacy, I aim to encourage dialogue about resources and awareness within our community.



Committee Director, Psychobiology '23

Hi! My name is Ramya, and I am interested in expanding access to mental healthcare within the South Asian diaspora. Leading open discussions and providing undergraduate peer counseling, I hope to validate and attend to South Asian individuals’ culturally-specific mental health needs.

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