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Our Committees & Initiatives

Campus Outreach

Advocating for resources and support on campus, tailored to culturally-specific student needs

  • Advocacy for culturally specific care on campus at CAPS

  • Outreach to LGBTQ+ center for culturally specific resources

  • Collaboration with other student organizations

  • Organizing events, panels, workshops for students + healing circles for students


Community Outreach

Empowering and supporting the local community with resources and workshops

  • Collaborations with other nonprofits and mental health organizations

    Collaborating with religious establishments to provide services 

    Collaboration with other student organizations

  • Community healing circles



Student-driven research projects to identify community needs 

  • Collaborate with UCLA Center for India and South Asia 

  • Identify research question and start a research project

  • Conduct campus needs assessment 

  • Find articles and resources to share



Sharing resources for the community, raising awareness, and fostering open dialogue 

  • Creating infographics for website + instagram

  • Sharing stories through blogs and podcasts

  • South Asian Unity Initiative (COVID-19 resources)


Peer Mentorship (SAATHi)

Developing leadership and peer coaching skills to provide undergraduate support that is tailored to unique South Asian experiences.

  • Intern and Mentor training meetings

  • Intern-led check-ins for mentors

  • Mentor-facilitated coaching for mentees

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